Saeva Dupka Cave

Six of the species living in and around Saeva Dupka Cave are included in the list of species with priority conservation status for all Europe: the geater and lesser horseshoe bats, the greater and lesser mouse-eared bats, the Bechstain’s bat and the Geoffroy’s bat. Therefore Saeva Dupka Cave can be considered an important roost for the conservation of the bat populations in the region.

Saeva Dupka Cave serves as a roost for а total of 8 species of bats which inhabit the cave in different seasons of the year:

  1. Greater horseshoe bat – Rhinolophus ferrumequinum
  2. Lesser horseshoe bat - Rhinolophus hipposideros
  3. Mediterranean horseshoe bat – Rhinolophus euryale
  4. Greater mouse-eared bat Myotis myotis
  5. Bechstein’s bat- Myotis bechsteinii
  6. Geoffroy’s bat Myotis emarginatus
  7. Natterer’s bat Myotis nattreri
  8. Daubenton’s bat Myotis daubentonii

Bulgaria boasts 33 out of the 35 bat species which can be found in Europe. All bats in the country are under the protection of the national Biodiversity Act!