Lepenitsa Cave

Six of the species living in and around the Lepenitsa Cave have a priority conservation status for all Europe: the greater and lesser horseshoe bats, the western Barbastelle bat, the greater and lesser mouse-eared bats and the Geoffroy’s bat. Therefore Lepenitsa Cave can be regarded as an important roost for the conservation of the bat populations in the region.

Lepenitsa Cave serves as a roost for a total of 7 species of bats living in the cave in different seasons of the year:

  1. Greater horseshoe bat – Rhinolophus ferrumequinum
  2. Lesser horseshoe bat – Rhinolophus hipposideros
  3. Greater mouse-eared bat – Myotis myotis
  4. Lesser mouse-eared bats – Myotis blythii
  5. Geoffroy’s bat – Myotis emarginatus
  6. Western Barbastelle bat – Barbastella barbastellus
  7. Grey long-eared bat – Plecotus austriacus

Bulgaria boasts 33 out of the 35 bat species which are found in Europe. All bats in the country are under the protection of the national Biodiversity Act!