Ledenika Cave

Ledenika Cave is just one of a number of bat roosts in the Vrachanski Balkan region. Due to low temperatures in the cave, it serves mainly as a winter bat roost.

Ledenika Cave serves as a roost for a total of 4 bat species living in the cave in different seasons of the year:

  1. Greater horseshoe bat – Rhinolophus ferrumequinum
  2. Lesser horseshoe bats – Rhinolophus hipposideros
  3. Serotine bat - Eptesicus serotinus
  4. Whiskered bat – Myotis mystacinus

Bulgaria boasts 33 out of the 35 bat species which are found in Europe. All bats in Bulgaria are under the protection of the national Biodiversity Act, and the greater and lesser horseshoe bats have a priority conservation status for all Europe too.