Devetashkata Cave

Welcome to one of the 3 most important hibernation bat roosts for all Europe! A colony of more than 35 000 bats from 4 species spends the winter here: the Schreibers’ bent-winged bat, the long-fingered bat, the greater horseshoe bat and the noctule bat.

Bulgaria boasts 33 out of the 35 bat species which can be found in Europe. In different seasons of the year a total of 15 species of bats live in the Devetashkata Cave:

  1. Greater horseshoe bat - Rhinolophus ferrumequinum
  2. Lesser horseshoe bat - Rhinolophus hipposideros
  3. Mediterranean horseshoe bat - Rhinolophus euryale
  4. Mehely’s horseshoe bat - Rhinolophus mehelyi
  5. Schreiber’s bent-winged bat – Miniopterus schreibersii
  6. Greater mouse-eared bat – Myotis myotis
  7. Lesser mouse-eared bat – Myotis blythii
  8. Geoffroy’s bat – Myotis emarginatus
  9. Long-fingered bat - Myotis capaccinii
  10. Noctule bat – Nyctalus noctula
  11. Natterer’s bat – Myotis nattereri
  12. Whiskered bat – Myotis mystacinus
  13. Daubenton’s bat - Myotis daubentonii
  14. Savi’s pipistrelle bat – Hypsugo savii
  15. Northern bat – Eptesicus serotinus

All bats in Bulgaria are under the protection of the national Biodiversity Act, and the Schreibers’ bent-winged bat, the long-fingered bat, the Mediterranean horseshoe and the Mehely’s horseshoe bats are also included in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.